Worried about obtaining planning approval?

"We thought we'd complied with absolutely every parameter that the planning officer had suggested, but it still didn't get approval." 

"The original design we submitted was turned down. A neighbouring listed building meant we were limited in what we could put on the plot." 

"After 12 months of dialogue with the planning office, 6 months of design and engineering, we submitted our plans. They got rejected, which was gutting. We thought we had done everything by the book." 

Obtaining planning can seem like a dark art sometimes, but it doesn't always have to be an uphill struggle. That’s why we want to set you on the right track with our beginner's guide to planning permission. 

We will lead you through: 

- What the UK's planning system aims to do, so that you can submit plans that are more likely to get the green light 

- Who decides and what criteria they use 

- The quirks of getting planning permission so that you can work with the system rather against it, and have a positive experience 

- How to apply for planning permission, so that you have the practical steps laid out before you 

- What to do in the face of objections and refusals, so that you are not emotionally tied to any setbacks and know when to appeal