Are you worried about your budget?

"Initially we said we didn't want to spend over £450,000 but as the build went on we had to increase that amount." 

"Where we had the complete nightmare was that we'd only set aside £10,000 for our groundworks, and our groundworks were considerably more." 

"We didn't add in the costs of landscaping. Who would have thought it would be thousands of pounds?! Anyway, it'll have to wait until we can afford it."  

It's easy to let your costs run away from you, particularly when it comes to internal finishes. That's why we’ve put together a budget template to help you get properly planned. 

Starting the build without clear costings is like throwing money out of the window. It could easily lead you to overspend by thousands of pounds or, in the worst-case scenario, force you to abort your house build and sell at a loss. 

Grab your free budgeting template now and lay the foundation to be in a strong financial position from start to finish.  


- A budget template that you can fill in - A video tutorial that runs through a sample budget and how it got the detail - Top tips and potential pitfalls to avoid