Building a new home or retrofitting an existing property is likely to be a big task. Clearly no one approach will fit all, but I wanted to share with you some of the resources that I am using. Over time I shall be adding to this page so it is by no means comprehensive at this stage and reflects where I am in the process (the beginning!).

I don’t really want this this to become a directory of every business that exists, moreover a selection of people with whom I have had personal contact. It is also not a guarantee of any kind, purely information I believe may help you on your project. That also means – for now anyway – that the information on here is most relevant to the UK, where I live. Again, hopefully over time I can get to know more of the international resources and add them, too.

There are no affiliate links in the information below, but this may change at a later date. We will always disclose affiliate links when we use them.


The International Passive House Association – any new home should have energy efficiency at its core. This website will link you to your country’s affiliate organisation and hopefully you can find out some great information.


The UK

Getting Started

The Self Build Portal – a great place to get straight to all the practical information you want to know about self or custom building. It’s set up by people who have been there, done it and have a passion for promoting the self build sector. I love this website shall keep going back to it under I fully get to grips with the process.

The Passivhaus Trust – from day one it’s really important to get to grips with energy efficiency and why it is so important. You will find the answers to your questions on this comprehensive site! It also contains examples how the Passivhaus standard is being embraced across the UK.


Hiring Professionals

Royal Institute of Chartered Architects (RIBA) – when looking for an architect, RIBA has a free service to help you find some likely candidates near you.

The Chartered Institute of Building – again, this website is a good starting point to get a list of the contractors in your area.


Planning Permission

The Planning Portal – the government’s planning and building regulations resource for the England and Wales. There’s advice on this website that may help you submit plans that are more likely to be accepted!


For The Construction Instrustry

AECB – this is a respected network of professionals who want to promote sustainable building. There’s a very positive energy that seems to come from this special group of people and I can see why they have been so influential. Their online forum is a great resource on its own.

National Self Build Association – headed up by Ted Stevens, this organisation is doing great things for the UK self build sector.

Liz Male Consulting – a specialist consultancy providing PR, communications and marketing support to clients in the UK construction, building, property, insurance, energy and environmental sectors.


Links from Podcast Episodes

RW ArmstrongThe Malthouse ConsultancyTouchwood HomesPassivhaus HomesGreen Tomato Energy, Green Building Store, isoenergy, Simmonds Mills and Green Building Solutions.

There are lots of other resources that I know about but haven’t really used yet and so I don’t want to post them up yet. All in good time!